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Smooth the transition from applicant to enrollee with the AMP
Onboarding Module. Option 1—standard with the Application and
Admission Module—offers online accept/decline and a pre-matriculation
checklist with real-time status. Option 2 adds content management for
staff and document upload access for students. Both are ideal for enrollment management and fit any higher education system.


Keep documents, data, staff and enrollees on track during onboarding—and throughout enrollment—with the Student Records & Transcripts Module.



All features and functions of the AMP Onboarding Module integrate seamlessly with student information systems (SIS), such as Banner by Ellucian, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar and custom in-house tools. When your program automates data transfer and management, you greatly reduce your administrative costs.


Applicants who matriculate automatically become student users in the system, able to view, complete and submit documents in several categories. Standard options include letters of recommendation, consent forms, dean’s letters, disciplinary actions/forms, change of status forms and more.


The financial aid process brings multiple deadlines and documents.
Lessen the stress for students and staff with AMP.

Automatic prompts

When applicants are accepted to your program, the AMP Financial Aid Module automatically prompts them to submit required information via the school-branded applicant portal.

Secure Data Transfer

AMP’s best-in-class encryption provides secure collection of financial data, from credit card payment for fees and deposits to Social Security numbers.

Real-time Updates

The self-serving portal allows applicants to view their current status, respond to information requests and upload information, greatly reducing staff workload.

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